This page links to the various topics subsection pages. Topics represented include discussions about what topics should constitute the founcdations of robotics, open questions within robotics, infrastructure elements that robotics needs, resources for contributors, and a page summarizing what the community feels the foundations of robotics ought to be.

Research Foci

The Research Foci section documents the current consensus on what research topics the community thinks should be part of the discipline of Robotics and which research topics lie outside the scope of Robotics as a discipline.

Open Questions

The Open Questions section documents the current questions the group considers to be open research problems and topics that we don't have answers or good explanations for.

Infrastructure Needs

The Infrastructure Needs section documents the infrastructure elemenst that are needed to support the development of Robotics as a discipline.


The Resources section provides a place for the group to store documents they wish to refer to, especially links to papers and research relevant to on-going discussions.

Foundations Workspace

The Foundations Workspace section is a playground to explore potential elements to be considered as part of the foundations of Robotics.

Foundations Consensus

The Foundations section documents the current consensus on what constitute the foundations of Robotics.